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SEPTEMBER SALE!!! Tandem 3m x 6m + Steel Foundation + Weed Membrane

SEPTEMBER SALE!!! Tandem 3m x 6m + Steel Foundation + Weed Membrane

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Complete package September sale!! Featuring our dual framed Tandem model, upgraded galvanised steel foundation with concreted ground anchors + weed membrane.

Similar in style to our best selling Classic greenhouse the polycarbonate Tandem greenhouse has a dual framed carcass offering additional strength, perfect for exposed sites.

Not only does the dual frame offer additional strength but is perfect for hanging baskets in your greenhouse and maximising growing space.

The polycarbonate Tandem greenhouse features a door at both ends which can be tied back for optimum ventilation in hot conditions.

As an additional addon our polycarbonate Tandem greenhouse can be installed with a heavy duty weed fabric, weed fabric is best layed during installation as it eliminates any weeds growing up the sides of the greenhouse.

The polycarbonate Tandem greenhouse comes on a treated timber foundation as standard with extra long steel ground anchors driven far into the soil. As an additional option it can also be installed on our steel foundation with concreted ground anchors. (Tandem model pictured is 3m x 4m).


Frame: 20x20mm dual frame galvanised steel.

Arch distance: 1m

Width: 3m

Length: 6m

Height: 2.1m (foundation adds +10cm)

Our Polycarbonate Tandem Greenhouse model is delivered and fully installed by our expert team, talk to us today and we will answer any questions you have and help you choose the best option for your garden.

Included with installation: Capped washers to protect fixings and allow for thermal expansion of the polycarbonate sheet.

Galvanised steel storm bands over the arches at the sheet joints included as standard, storm bands ensure maximum tightness of the polycarbonate sheet over the arches and majorly increases wind protection. 

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