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March Of Many Weathers

Spring is here! And now its gone...wait its here again! And now its gone...

We're ready for planting, St Patricks day has come and gone, the date for many to get their first early potatoes in the ground. But this March in particular seems to truly be a March of many weathers, so a note of caution is advised. If its not torrential downpours its severe winds in between glimpses of sunshine whilst a mild day can plummet to below freezing in a few short hours.

If you have kicked your Polycarbonate Greenhouse into life, with anticipation of a glorious summer ahead, then its advisable to be extra vigilant minding your young seedlings with one eye on the daily forecast. The threat of a hard frost is still ever present so cover your beds if necessary and ensure your outdoor beds have good drainage to prevent rot. With a bit of luck, there may be sunshine around the corner.

If your of the more patient type and your greenhouse still lies abandoned since the autumn harvest then now is the time to get it cleared out, if your Greenhouse needs a clean you can wash the Polycarbonate with warm soapy water using a microfibre cloth. Be gentle and rinse your cloth regularly, whilst Polycarbonate is incredibly durable it scratches easily if miss handled.

With a bit of luck the weather will soon turn for the better, we'll all be on our knees tending our Greenhouse beds listening to the buzzing of the bees whilst cursing the grass for growing so fast.

Happy growing!

Keane Gardens


For new gardeners thinking of taking the leap into greenhouse gardening then there is no time like the present, installers waiting lists will be growing ever longer from here on in so whoever you choose for your installation a note of urgency is advised. We recommend Polycarbonate as a more durable and long lasting cover than the old style polythene tunnels and if you choose us for your Greenhouse installation then we provide one of the best overall packages on the market with a host of included extras like capped expansion washers and storm bands as standard, we believe if something makes your Greenhouse better then it should be included.



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