FAQ's about our Polycarbonate Greenhouses.

  • Do you install? Yes, all our greenhouse models are delivered and fully installed by our experienced team, there is no extra charge for installation.
  • What is Multiwall Polycarbonate? Multiwall Polycarbonate is a twin walled hollow chamber plastic, similar to a cavity wall, it has an air gap in the centre which increases its thermal retention.
  • Is Polycarbonate better than glass for a Greenhouse? Multiwall Polycarbonate has a light transmission of up to 85%, it filters out harmful UV rays and reduces hotspots and scorching by dispersing the light more evenly throughout the greenhouse. Polycarbonate is also virtually unbreakable so you wont have expensive repairs from broken and blown out panels.
  • How is the Greenhouse fixed to the ground? We have 2 foundation options with our Greenhouse's. Our 3"x4" treated timber foundation is anchored with long steel anchors approximately 60cm long hammered down through the foundation into the soil. Our galvanised steel foundation has T shaped legs that are dug into the soil and concrete is then poured in to permanently set them in place. Both foundation options can be mounted to a solid surface with the use of angle brackets.
  • Can they be installed on a slope? While it is no major issue to install on a slight gradient, for best results the area should be as level as possible, if you have concerns about your site contact us and we can advise on the best solution for your garden.
  • Are they wind resistant? Polycarbonate Greenhouses are fast becoming the Greenhouse of choice for exposed locations, and we have installations in some of the most exposed locations in Ireland, with a quality installation and standard extras like our galvanised steel storm bands and quality capped fixings you can rest assured that your Greenhouse will stand firm season after season.
  • Do you supply in kit form for self assembly? To ensure a quality installation and 10 year UV polycarbonate warranty all our Greenhouses are installed by our team.
  • What is the lead time for installation? We generally have a wait time of 2-4 weeks from the date of purchase depending on time of year, please contact us for current lead times.