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November In Your Polycarbonate Greenhouse

November in your Polycarbonate Greenhouse is a quiet month for many, most of the summer crops are coming to an end with the exception of maybe a few tomatoes and leafy greens.

If you're not taking a break for the winter months Kale & Garlic will do well in your Polycarbonate Greenhouse, but if you're looking forward to your well earned rest it's a good time to prepare the soil in your raised beds for the next season. While the soil is still warm dig in some organic matter (you can use some of last years dying crops) it will break down in the soil over winter and leave nice fertile soil ready for spring.

It is also an important time to prepare your Greenhouse for the following season. Clear away plants that have finished producing, harvest and weed your winter salads and make sure to ventilate your greenhouse during the day, weather permitting, as much as possible. This will help to reduce damp and fungal build up in the cold damp weather, just remember to close it at night or if the weather turns bad. Polycarbonate Greenhouses are incredibly strong but an open door or window in high wind is still asking for trouble. 

Now that the temperature is starting to fall and sunlight hours are greatly reduced its important not to overwater your crops, soil can become waterlogged with little plant uptake and evaporation, an over damp greenhouse is just inviting mould and funguses as well as algae growth on your polycarbonate which will only create more work when your getting ready for the new seasons planting.

Happy Growing!

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