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The New Growing Season Is Almost Upon Us!

Its an exciting time of year, from now on the days will be getting slightly longer and Irish gardeners are getting excited with the thoughts of spring.

For the majority of us in Ireland its still too cold for planting outdoors, but that doesn't mean you cant get a head start indoors. 

Germinate seeds in trays and plan for the season ahead. Sketch out your greenhouse and plan what will be grown where to maximise your greenhouse space and be careful not to overwhelm yourself in spring. Now is the time to order in all those lovely seed variants and get them going ready to plant out in your polycarbonate greenhouse.

Plant what you can and will eat and don't overburden yourself, now is the perfect time to think carefully about what's most important to you. Prepare your beds if you have not already, work some well rotted manure into the soil so everything will be all systems go in your polycarbonate greenhouse when the temperatures start to rise. 

The anticipation is building, we don't have long to wait!

Happy Growing

Keane Gardens


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