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Things To Consider When Choosing Your Polycarbonate Greenhouse


Things To Consider:

Here are some things to consider when thinking about getting a greenhouse in Ireland.

The key to a long service life from your greenhouse is not only in the quality of materials used but in the installation as well. When we install our polycarbonate greenhouses we typically use a minimum of 200kg of concrete for the ground anchors which are inserted into the galvanised box frame, this adds a huge amount of weight to the already strong frame and ensures nothing is going to move your polycarbonate greenhouse once it's set in place.

Polycarbonate is incredibly durable and taking the greenhouse market by storm for that particular reason, we truly believe that installed correctly 4mm polycarbonate is ample covering for the majority of installations and to date have yet to install it for a customer who then wished they had chosen otherwise. Polycarbonate has very good insulation properties and is much easier to keep cool during peak summer so your plants don't get scorched.

A good quality polycarbonate covering is obviously important but the number once aspect you should consider when thinking of purchasing your new greenhouse is the frame, a quality frame can last a very long time and eventually be re-covered when the polycarbonate has seen out its service life (typically a minimum of 10 yrs on all our polycarbonate).

Happy Growing!

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